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Maria Balea (RO) , participanta la Art Festival, Baku, May 2012

3rd International Maiden Tower Festival of Art to be held in Azerbaijan on initiative of Heydar Aliyev Foundation

Baku – APA. The 3rd International Maiden Tower Festival of Art will be organized by “Icheri Sheher” Historical Architectural Reserve, Modern Art Museum and Giz Galasi Art Gallery on the initiative of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation on May 17-19 in Baku.

Heydar Aliyev Foundation told APA that the art festival is held with the view of promoting the Maiden Tower, which has been included into UNESCO’s World Heritage List and is considered the symbol of the capital. Famous artists from 18 countries will participate in the festival in Baku. They will decorate little models of the tower with national ornaments and create works reflecting synthesis and mutual exchange of various cultures and traditions. 

Unlike the previous festivals, this year gazelle models will be created to draw attention to the endangered “Caucasus five” within the framework of the IDEA environmental campaign. These models will be decorated by the artists, who participated in the previous festivals and are considered the friends of the festival.

The other distinguishing feature of the festival is that the video-mapping technology will be presented on the Maiden Tower. 

Modern post-production video technology will be used in the mapping. 30 projectors will be installed in seven different spots around the tower, to provide 360º view of the Maiden Tower. 

Residents of Baku and the guests will be able see these colorful images till May 29.

Up to now, more than 40 artists from different countries have taken part in this festival. The festival informs foreign artists about art and culture of Azerbaijan and also gives its contribution to promoting the Maiden Tower in the world. Unique works by authors created within the framework of the project have been demonstrated in France and Italy. 

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